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Tools of the Trade: Go Hilton website


Recently Hilton anvil new website that provide special rates for Hilton Team Members family and friends. With the old system, You could not make the reservation online with this spatial rates, plus you relative needed to get a letter from his hotel and a voucher. It was to much hassle. Now with the new web site you can see the rates, make a reservation and all with out extra hassle.

The Hilton Team Members program got updated as well: The number of available rooms on this special rate is not fixed but based on hotel occupancy rate at the time of booking. Still not every hotel is participating in the program but the rates are half the price of the base published rates.

To get those rates your relative who is a Hilton employee needs to register your HHonors account information in the system. The rates have to be booked at www.hilton.com/go site only.

“Go Hilton is available to all employees at Hilton Worldwide corporate offices and its owned and managed properties. It is also available to hotel owners in the Owners Recognition Club and employees of franchisees who work on property at independently owned and operated franchised properties in the Hilton Worldwide portfolio.”