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Amex Serve is here to serve you, Bye-Bye REDcard.


Starting 10/13/15 the Target REDcard can only be loaded with cash in-store at Target. Gift cards and/or debit cards no longer work to load REDcard.

The BlueBird Amex prepaid card can be loaded in Walmart to manufacture spending on credit cards by buying Gift Cards. Not every Visa/Mastercard Gift Card can be loaded at Walmart. Only Visa Gift cards issued by MetaBank, Sunrise Bank and MasterCard Gift Cards issued by US Bank can be loaded to BlueBird card. But the options to buy those are not that many our days: $100 and $200 cards at OfficeMax or Staples stores. During the Christmas holiday it is possible to buy Variable ($20-500) Visa Gift Card at Walmart, but that option might go away soon. All those could be loaded to BlueBird card at Walmart using PIN number for MasterCard or Visa gift cards.

The only place in around Cleveland where you can easily buy variable ($20-$500) Visa Gift Cards with Credit card is CVS Pharmacy. Those are Vanilla Visa Gift Cards and can not be loaded into BlueBird at Walmart. That is where “New” Amex Serve card comes in handy. The Vanilla Gift Cards can be loaded into Amex Serve  Card in Family Dollar, Dollar Tree and RideAid stores. The other cards can be loaded in Walmart as well. There are many flavorless of Serve Card but the best combination of features and fees is  One VIP Card from American Express Serve card. Here the summary:

  • Monthly Fee: $1 or $0 with a $500 direct deposit or $500 in loads.
  • Cash load limits: $2,500 per day/$5,000 per month.
  • Online Amex credit card loads: $200 per day/$1,000 per month.

You can find all of the spending and load limits here.

How to open One VIP Card from American Express Serve card.

American Express will allow you to have only one type of Prepaid Card. Your options are: BlueBird, REDcard and Serve. So, if you want to switch from REDcard to Serve you will have to close your existing REDcard:

  1. Make sure that your current REDcard balance is zero. If it is not send your self a check for a remanding balance.
  2. Close REDcard account: Log in into your REDcard account and navigate to Settings/Profile/Close Account.
  3. Open new One VIP Card from American Express Serve account. You can reuse the same email address from your REDcard account.

Your new card will arrive in about 5-10 business days.

How to load funds to One VIP Card from American Express Serve card. 

CVS Pharmacy sells variable ($20-$500) Vanilla Visa Gift Cards with credit cards. Those can be loaded to Serve card at Family Dollar, Dollar Tree and RideAid stores. The other cards, issued by MetaBank, Sunrise Bank or US Bank, in addition to Walmart can be loaded there as well.

Go to cash register and ask to Load Serve Card. The clerk will scan the bar code card with transaction type (chained to the register) , will ask you amount and to slide your debut card. You will have to use pin number to complete your transaction. On how to setup PIN number for MasterCard or Visa gift cards see the blog post here. From what I read in different blogs it can only be up to $500 at a time. The number of $500 transaction you will be allowed to do (up to $2000 daily limit) will depend on the particular clerk (YMMV).

How to use you One VIP Card from American Express Serve card funds.

You can use One VIP Serve card to pay your bills that you can not pay with credit cards the same way you used REDcard.

In fact the GUI interface looks the same as REDcard or BlueBird cards, except the color schema is different.

Serve is your alternative solution to REDcard, and here to serve your manufacture spending needs, at list for a while.