Ordering Visa Gift cards from Staples.com

One of the way to generate manufacture spending without leaving the comfort of your home is to purchase Visa Gift Cards at Staples.com. Staples sells Visa Gift cards in denominations of  up to $200 $300 at cost of $8.95 activation and shipping fees. Using your Chase Bold/Ink business card will give you 5 Chase Ultimate Rewards points for each dollar spend at the office supply stores. So buying one $300 Visa Gift card will earned you 1545 point at $0.0058 each.

Please note: It take some time up to 10 business days for you to received those card on to your hands since orders for gift cards placed on Staples.com are processed by Gift Card Mall.

For extra security those cards will require an ‘Activation Code’ to activate. You will receive the code by mail in non descriptive envelope that could be mistaken for junk mail:
Gift Card Mall Envelope

The included letter will contain activation code for each cards:
Gift Card Mall letter

The card(s) will be mailed later in the separate envelope. Those cards have to be activated at Gift Card Mall https://www.giftcardmall.com/activate.aspx.

Gift Card Mall Visa Gift Card

To activate the card navigate to https://www.giftcardmall.com/activate.aspx

1.Enter the card number:
Gift Card Mall Activation Step 1

2. Enter the 4 digit activation code from your Gift Card Mall letter
Gift Card Mall Activation Step 2

3. Do not use ‘Change PIN’ option. Your pin number is last 4 digits of the card number  or set it by calling 1-(888) 524-1283.
Gift Card Mall Activation Step 3

The Visa Gift cards sold at Staples.com can be loaded into Blue Bird or REDcard at Walmart or Target (respectfully) stores as debit card using PIN. How to set PIN number for MasterCard and Visa gift cards.

To read more about the Manufactured Spending read the flyertalk.com forum on the subject: http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/manufactured-spending-719/


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